Tuesday, November 22, 2005


27th Annual Mooning of Amtrak

`The Amtrak trains will be filled to capacity with passengers to see the “moon show” between the stations of “Irvine” to the North and “San Juan Capistrano” to the South. The mooning is on the EAST side of the tracks, and most trains will slow down at this point. For a photo of the view from the train passenger’s perspective, see LINX, below. If you wish to see the show from the train during time of peak demand at mid-day, board at a more distant station to better secure an available seat for you. [..]

After 8pm, Night Mooning starts. Bring a flash light with plenty of batteries, or better yet, bring a Coleman propane or gasoline fuel camping lantern. Bring a wire coat hanger to make a hook to hang your lantern from the chain link fence. An electric engine-generator with lights would be outrageous, if anyone has this to bring. The area is dark at night as there aren’t any street lights along the road here. Night Mooning is better because: it is less crowded, cooler temperature, and more authentic.’

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