Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The Customer is always an Ass

`I used to work cashier at a supermarket. One day a typical overburdened mom with $300 worth of groceries and a cranky kid in the cart comes on my line, nothing out of the ordinary. The mom’s trying to put her stuff on the belt, the kid wriggling in his seat, trying to get to the candy shelf, despite his mom repeatedly yelling at him not to. I’m just doing my job, scanning the groceries, ignoring the little monster. He manages to grab a pack of Skittles off the shelf and toss it on the belt, his mom sees, grabs them, and puts them back on the shelf, telling him no candy. He grabs it again, she tries to grab it from him, and the bag rips open during the tug of war between them.

He takes a handful of Skittles, throws them into his mom’s face, and shouts “TASTE THE RAINBOW, MOMMY!”

I don’t think he got any candy for a long time after that.’

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