Sunday, December 11, 2005


Mr Hands

Remember that guy died after sneaking onto a farm and being fucked by a horse?

This is apparently the video. Absolutely not safe for work.

(1.5meg Flash video)

11 Responses to “Mr Hands”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    that’s fucked up…

  2. Bylamos Eglaysius Says:

    He is a man among bitches

  3. Blake Says:

    i loved this movie i downloaded it and put it on my phone i watch it 3 times a day!?! its so awesome!!!

  4. higohi Says:

    how do i view the video? i see no link

  5. Jordan Says:

    Seriously, no link. Huh?

  6. moonbuggy Says:

    Video is fixed now. Sorry about that. A whole bunch of videos seem to have broken recently. 🙁

  7. Camarogirl Says:

    I had heard about this video but I wasn’t sure what I expected to see. I kinda like the idea of animals, but that looks like that could tear you up! There is only so much the human body can do. Wow…

  8. Kirari Says:

    o.o did he really die from that? wow…

  9. aride Says:


    yes mr.hands is dead!
    the horse dick went too far and ruptured his rectum and hit his abdomen

  10. Me Says:

    You are a retard for wsaying that is the video way to post something you know nothing about read the dam police articles that was not the video and it was never found who ever watches what you post and believes it is they are nothing more then a slight bit dumber for believing you.
    Way to fuck things up you are another one to add to the great list of internet retards.
    way to go champ!

  11. Omegastar Says:

    He didnt die from that video – that video has been circling around the internet long before his death. The accident was taped, but the video in question was confiscated by the police and they never released it (duh) 😛

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