Saturday, December 17, 2005


King of the County Pedophiles

`The blood. And shit. And semen. Robert can’t get it out of his mind, his dreams, his life.

He was 14 in the summer of 1984. He had moved with his family to Texas sometime before and now, on summer vacation, had returned with them to visit friends and old neighbors in Santa Ana. While in his former hometown, Robert’s family ran into their old parish priest, Father Eleuterio Ramos. Ramos had tickets to the Olympic gold-medal soccer game at the Rose Bowl that week. He had invited Robert’s former neighbor, Michael, but Michael refused. Robert agreed. [..]

Robert was just one of more than 25 boys Ramos admitted to fondling, drugging, groping, gang-raping, sodomizing, photographing and fellating during a decade-long career in Orange County parishes from Placentia and Santa Ana to Brea, La Habra and Anaheim. Controversy engulfed Ramos at every stop. His superiors typically listened to the priest’s critics and took notes—and then let Ramos escape to the next parish.’

These priests have committed absolutely horrific acts, and the Catholic church has knowingly allowed this behaviour to continue. If that’s not bad enough, the way the church officials behaved once the vicitims spoke up is absolutely disgusting:

`Meissner says he told the church lawyers just as they were about to finalize the deal that all Michael ever wanted was an apology. The lawyers were silent.

“That’s it?” one finally replied. “How about we just give him $5 and apologize?”’

If these are God’s representatives on Earth, it’s no wonder religion has been nothing but a source of violence and sorrow throughout history.

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