Monday, January 9, 2006


Dana’s Virtual Museum of Unusual LP Cover Art

`I’m a sucker for a bizarre cover, a great cheesecake cover or something that just plain is so cool that you know you’ll never see it again. I have to snap these up. Partly because I want to archive as many of these kinds of covers as I can, before they disappear forever. They don’t make ’em anymore, you know. The other reason is that these big 12″ X 12″ pieces of art really are just that — art.

It’s a crying shame that those little CD covers will never have this kind of impact.

In the back of my mind, I’d someday like to put out a coffee table-style book of the greatest and strangest LP covers that ever were. But that’s probably where the idea for such a book will stay — in the back of my mind! So, why not post some of my favorites here on the internet?? [..]’

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