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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Caught on camera: The moment G20 bystander was ‘flung to the ground’ by police

‘Shocking video footage of a newspaper seller being knocked over by police minutes before he died of a heart attack during the G20 protests emerged last night.

Ian Tomlinson, 47, was hit with a baton and pushed to the floor by an officer in riot gear after getting caught up in the demonstrations in the City of London last Wednesday.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is already investigating the death of Mr Tomlinson – who was not involved in the protest and was trying to walk home from work when the incident occurred. [..]

After the apparent assault, Mr Tomlinson is shown sitting on the floor remonstrating with police who stand back as bystanders help him to his feet.

He then walked away but three minutes later he collapsed and suffered a heart attack. ‘

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


.girl ferment.

‘…and welcome empty room to my electronic deposit of little creative pleasings. Things I make and take, or find inspiring from others. It seemed like a nice day to start, International Women’s Day, because yes, I knit and I vote. If you are looking, I hope you enjoy.’


Thursday, September 25, 2008


Third Eye Camera

‘Designed to study the beauty of decay.

4”x5” camera made from Aluminium, Titanium, Brass, Silver, Gem Stones and a 150 year old skull of a 13 year old girl. Light and time enters at the third eye, exposing the film in the middle of the skull.’

1996 McDonalds Hamburger

‘This is a hamburger from McDonalds that I purchased in 1996.

That was 12 years ago.

Note that it looks exactly like it did the very day I bought it.

The flecks on the bun are crumbs from the bun.

The burger is starting to crumble a bit

It has the oddest smell.’

Sunday, September 14, 2008


The baby turtle born with two-heads

‘It is the baby turtle that proves two heads really are better than one.

While its siblings grow at a the usual steady pace, this tiny creature is speeding ahead.

The reason for its extraordinary growth spurt is simple: having two heads mean it eats twice as fast. [..]

Water World spokesman Jimmy Hu said: ‘We got it two weeks ago and it’s growing fast, probably because it can eat twice as fast as the others.

‘It was mixed among many other turtles and we only discovered it this week.’

Mr Hu added: ‘It’s very rare to see a turtles with two heads, we plan to keep it and raise it carefully for future research.”


Saturday, June 28, 2008


Man dressed as penis disrupts graduation

‘A 19-year-old man dressed as a penis was arrested for disturbing a high school graduation today at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.

Calvin Morett of 337 Pyramid Pine Estates allegedly interrupted the Saratoga Springs High School graduation by marching across SPAC’s stage in an inflatable 6-foot penis costume while diplomas were being given out, Saratoga Springs Police Sgt. Sean Briscoe said.

Morett purchased the full-body costume and sprayed parts of the 5,000 people in the crowd with Silly String, Briscoe said.

His motive? “He thought it would be funny,” Briscoe said. [..]

“Once I stopped laughing, he was pretty easy to catch because he was tripping on the lower portion of the costume,” said Briscoe, who made the arrest.’


Saturday, June 21, 2008


Is There Ice On Mars? Apparently So

‘NASA spent $420 million to send the Phoenix Lander to Mars last year. Festooned with state-of-the-art detection equipment, the rover’s task was to scour the red surface in search of elusive Martian ice. And today, the NASA mission finally did uncover some extraterrestrial frost, and it did it with its simplest tool, a shovel.

The rover was digging a trench nicknamed Dodo-Goldilocks with its robotic arm when it hit some hard, refelective material. The scientists back on Earth who control Phoenix halted the digging, and spent the next couple of days taking photographs of the hole, trying to figure out what they were looking at in the ditch. Was the whitish material a kind of salt? But over those days of photography and scrutiny, something interesting happened to the marble-sized chunks. They evaporated. Long entombed beneath the iron-oxide surface of the red planet, the substance turns out to be part of a frozen layer of water just below the ground covered by Phoenix.’


Thursday, June 12, 2008


Ovulation moment caught on camera

‘A human egg has been filmed in close-up emerging from the ovary for the first time, captured by chance during a routine operation.

Fertile women release one or more eggs every month, but until now, only animal ovulation has been recorded in detail.

Gynaecologist Dr Jacques Donnez spotted it in progress during a hysterectomy.

The pictures, published in New Scientist magazine, were described as “fascinating” by a UK fertility specialist.

Human eggs are produced by follicles, fluid-filled sacs on the side of the ovary, which, around the time of ovulation, produce a reddish protrusion seen in the pictures.’

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Girl snaps boyfriend bedding mum

‘It’s the dramatic moment stunned Shelley Buddington caught her cheating fella in bed — with her half-naked MUM.

After snapping the sleazy panic-stricken pair on her mobile phone Shelley posted the damning picture on her Facebook internet page for the world to see.

And she told us: “Some might think putting it on the website is an evil thing to do. But is it worse than being betrayed by your mother and boyfriend? I don’t think so!

“I just wanted to show everyone what bastards they’d been to me.”

Shelley’s nightmare unfolded when she paid a surprise visit to her 43-year-old mum Lesley, in Kingswood, Bristol.

She let herself into the house and was immediately suspicious — after spotting lover Andrew Blay’s size 9 Timberland boots placed neatly on the mat.

Barmaid Shelley, 22, admitted: “My stomach churned. For a start, Andrew was meant to be at work.’


Sunday, April 13, 2008


Darvaz: The Door to Hell

‘This place in Uzbekistan is called by locals “The Door to Hell”. It is situated near the small town of Darvaz. The story of this place lasts already for 35 years. Once the geologists were drilling for gas. Then suddenly during the drilling they have found an underground cavern, it was so big that all the drilling site with all the equipment and camps got deep deep under the ground. None dared to go down there because the cavern was filled with gas. So they ignited it so that no poisonous gas could come out of the hole, and since then, it’s burning, already for 35 years without any pause. Nobody knows how many tons of excellent gas has been burned for all those years but it just seems to be infinite there.’

(1.1meg Flash video)

see it here »

Monday, March 31, 2008


George the rhino goes exploring

Hooray for urban rhino exploration. [shrug] 🙂


Sunday, March 16, 2008


Indian woman gives birth to ‘miracle’ child

‘An Indian woman has given birth to baby girl with four eyes and two faces, just two years after the world was captivated by the story of Lakshmi Tatma, the “twin” girl born with four arms and four legs.

The four-day old baby girl, born to Vinod Singh and his partner Sushma, is already being hailed as a reincarnation of the Indian God Ganesha. [..]

As news of her birth spread through the secluded rural village where her family reside, local residents began singing and dancing and asking for her blessings.

According to the doctor at the hospital, the baby girl and her mother are both in good health.’


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Creepy Gnome terrorises town

‘A town in South America is living in fear after several sightings of a ‘creepy gnome’ that locals claim stalks the streets at night.

The midget – which wears a pointy hat and has a distinctive sideways walk – was caught on video last week by a terrified group of youngsters.

Teenager Jose Alvarez – who filmed the gnome – yesterday told national newspaper El Tribuno that they caught the creature while larking about in their hometown of General Guemes, in the province of Salta, Argentina. [..]

“Suddenly we heard something – a weird noise as if someone was throwing stones.

“We looked to one side and saw that the grass was moving. To begin with we thought it was a dog but when we saw this gnome-like figure begin to emerge we were really afraid.”

Jose added that other locals had come forward to say they had spotted the gnome.’

(1.8meg Flash video)

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Friday, March 7, 2008


School’s bizarre ploy to beat internet perverts

‘A primary school has been accused of being alarmist for covering up the faces of pupils on its website – apparently to protect them from paedophiles.

Bizarrely, the images have been altered with the type of smiley faces popular during the Acid House dance craze of the 1980s.

The decision was taken at Cann Hall Primary School in Clacton, Essex. [..]

Headmistress Clare Reece said yesterday: “The public nature of the internet is an issue we feel strongly about.

“Not all parents want their children’s picture on there.

“You can’t say what is going to happen with any of those pictures.”‘


Saturday, February 23, 2008


People Can’t believe I’m single because of my looks

‘First, I’m a beautiful woman. I get told that a lot. A LOT! Men are intimidated by my looks.

I’m a BBW but I prefer slim, educated, professional men. You must have your own place as I share an apartment with someone and I don’t like hosting.

Only white men please. I’m editing this to add that I love the finer things in live. Be prepared to treat me like the Queen I am.’

Friday, February 22, 2008


Battling for life, the baby born with its heart OUTSIDE its chest

‘A newborn baby has survived delivery despite its heart being outside the chest cavity.

The infant’s heart was born with its most vital organ exposed and is being treated in the intensive care unit of Shenzhen Children’s Hospital in China’s Guangdong Province.

The parents knew about the condition before the baby was born, but chose not to abort it.

The unusual and dangerous development was caused by a rare disease – less than five babies in one million are struck by it. The illness affects the child’s chest and abdomen.

Less than 200 cases have been recorded and it is the first modern case in China.

Most babies die from the disease before birth.

Doctors are expected to operate to repair the malformation when the infant is strong enough.’

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Canned Cheeseburger


Thursday, February 7, 2008


How To Field Dress A Unicorn

‘No matter how many times you shot a unicorn, they’re sure to stumble off into the bushes and make one last agony-filled run for the fabled gates of their pastel pink homelands. As long as you put enough holes in your unicorns heart and lungs (click here for a shootin’ diagram), you’ve got nothing to worry about: your unicorn will die coughing up it’s own blood not far from where you capped him. When you find a unicorn you’ve shot, don’t get all excited and run over to touch. The first rule is that unicorns are tricky bitches and often fake death just to lure you within impaling range. To avoid this common and undesirable hunter’s fate, pump a couple of rounds into your unicorn’s torso (just don’t hit the horn!). After a couple of safety shots, take a sharp stick and jab it into the unicorn’s eyeball. If the unicorn doesn’t move, congrats, you’ve killed him! If the unicorn still thrashed and makes nasty noises, shot, poke and repeat as many times as necessary.’


Thursday, January 31, 2008


Airbus A380 – cockpit

A 3D rendering of the cockpit of this airplane.


Thursday, January 24, 2008


The Secret Museum of Mankind

‘Published in 1935, the Secret Museum is a mystery book. It has no author or credits, no copyright, no date, no page numbers, no index. Published by “Manhattan House” and sold by “Metro Publications”, both of New York, its “Five Volumes in One” was pure hype: it had never been released in any other form.

Advertised as “World’s Greatest Collection of Strange & Secret Photographs” and marketed mainly to overheated adolescents (see the 1942 ad in Keen, left), it consists of nothing but photos and captions with no further exposition. This was not a book published to educate (despite appearing on some public library’s shelves), but to titillate (literally)– it’s emphasis was on the female form (“Female Beauty Round the World”) and fashion, and it featured as many National-Geographic-style native breasts as possible. But anything lurid, weird, or just plain unusual is fair game. This was a book to gawk at by flashlight under the bedcovers.’

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Life on Mars? Amazing photos from Nasa probe reveal mystery figure on Red Planet

‘Perched on a rock, she could be waiting for a bus.

But if so, she could be in for an awfully long wait.

This photo of what looks remarkably like a female figure with her arm outstretched, was taken on Mars.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it has set the Internet abuzz with claims that there really is life on the red planet.

Others may well feel that it is simply an optical illusion caused by a landscape.’


Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Hard Disk Speakers

‘First I got 3 dead harddisks. A small one that used to be my Amiga’s, a normal sized one, and a bigass ancient one. I did this just for the fun of saying I have a harddisk sound system with woofer, midrange, and tweeter drivers ;). I ripped the drives apart. I took sound (in electrical signal form) from the output jack of my sound card. I fed it through a Velleman 30 watt audio amplifier that I bought from Parts Express here and soldered together. I took the amplified signals and fed them through the coil that controls the movement of the HD drive heads. I also connected the amplified signals to the platter motors of the ‘midrange’ and ‘tweeter’ drives, so you can actually see the platters spin sometimes. I determined which places to connect the wires by studying the drives and poking wires around in random places. Hey… they were dead anyway. Anyways, the sound that is being produced is from the rapid vibrations of the heads/platters due to the ‘sound’ signals passing through them. With lower frequency sounds being passed through the drives, you can see the heads move quite a lot. For the high frequency ones, its invisible to our inferior human eyes. This kind of fun isn’t just limited to harddisks… I also got low frequency sounds to come out of an electric motor, and even standard cooling fans will make some sound. Girls can try even making music come out of their vibr… *cough*… The 3 harddisks are connected to the amp in parallel. It’s like ghetto raid with groove ;)’

How to Unlock a DVD case with a yellow locking pin

‘The locking DVD case is a ubiquitous fixture in libraries and video rental
stores across the country. It uses a magic yellow tab to keep you from
opening the case. A gizmo mounted to the checkout counter can open the case
easily by sliding the DVD across its slot.

Ever wonder how it works?

The secret is two very powerful magnets. From reading the sales literature
for the locks, these magnets are supposedly only available to sooper-seekret
authorized personnel. What they don’t tell their customers is that these
magnets are also available inside every junk 3.5″ hard disk drive made in the
last 15 years. They are part of the head seeking motor.’


Thursday, January 17, 2008


Antique Medical and Surgical Instruments

There’s a lot of strange and cool stuff to look at.

When I build my time machine I’m gonna go be a doctor in the past for a while. Medicine was classy back then. They don’t make urethral dilators out of ivory in this day and age, that’s for sure. 🙂


Friday, January 11, 2008


Grossest Plugs Ever?

‘John cut off his nipples, cast them in resin, and wears them in his ears. This is the body modification equivalent of a fly in amber I suppose.’

Thursday, January 10, 2008


the forgotten sound mirrors

‘from 1915 onwards these huge eerie concrete structures started popping up along the uk coast, all built with one purpose: to provide the military with an early warning system in relation to incoming aircraft. their construction was pretty much limited to the uk and arrived just before radar technology as we know it became widespread.’


Sunday, January 6, 2008


Ring light 4.0: fiber optic ring flash

‘You can’t deny I’m full of ideas. After doing 5 earlier attempts at getting shadowless light onto a macro scene, some good, some bad, this is yet another approach: fiber optics. I haven’t seen many people try this. [..]’

Saturday, January 5, 2008


This Peanut Looks Like A Duck

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


bUMpHLEGM.COM – life’s simple equations

There’s some amusing images, some music and some video. Good stuff. 🙂


Friday, December 21, 2007


Blue man leaves Oregon in search of acceptance

‘It’s not makeup or paint that makes Paul Karason’s skin a bluish color.

The 57-year-old started making the transition from fair skin and freckles to what he looks like today 14 years ago.

“The change was so gradual that I didn’t perceive it and for people around me, likewise,” Karason said. “It was just so gradual that no one really noticed. It wasn’t until a friend that I hadn’t seen in several months came by my parents’ place to see me and he asked me ‘what did you do?'” [..]

Karason moved to Madera, California about six months ago after living in Oregon. He said too many people in Oregon were unkind to him and he hopes Californians will be different. [..]

Karason said he has not sought medical attention for the condition and he is prepared to live with it for the rest of his life.’