Thursday, January 12, 2006


US backs Australia’s uranium plan

`The United States has backed a plan by Australia to sell uranium to China for nuclear power as long as there are strict safeguards to stop it falling into the hands of terrorists.

US Energy Secretary Sam Bodman gave the backing as he attended a major international climate change conference in Sydney. [..]

While Australia remains cagey about whether it will adopt nuclear power, Mr Bodman said the US had no problem with the federal government selling uranium to China.’

Wow, how generous of the US to give us their blessing to do as we wish with our own natural resources. I feel obliged to reciprocate. So, I hereby offer my official backing for the US plan to be a pack of war-mongering, greedy, oil-hungry cunts.

Not to say that I think we should send all our uranium to China. We should keep some for ourselves and get a few gigawatts of nuclear power reactors cooking.

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