Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Cop faces charges in card-game shootings

`A poker game at a Casselberry home early Sunday morning came to an abrupt end when two men were shot by an off-duty Maitland police officer who was not allowed to join the game. [..]

The trouble began when Benjamin Simanton showed up with a friend — Metevier — wanting to join the game.

Simanton and Metevier were told that everyone had to put up $100. The pair refused. Instead they offered to come in with $20 each, reports said.

The disagreement led to an argument between Metevier and Granich, who is Webster’s cousin. Things escalated, and the off-duty officer ran out of the house with Granich chasing after him, according to reports. Next, the three men inside heard a popping sound, and came out to find Granich moaning on the ground and bleeding from a stomach wound.’

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