Wednesday, February 8, 2006


Woman wanted in abuse case found in Houston

`The monthlong search for a Washington state woman accused of systematically abusing her teenage foster child including blinding the girl in one eye with a syringe finally ended Saturday with her arrest at an apartment in northwest Harris County.

Police in Federal Way, Wash., said the level of abuse Chornice Kabbelliyaa inflicted in the past several years on the girl, 14, could only be described as “horrific.”

“She used several methods of punishment,” Federal Way police spokeswoman Stacy Flores said. “She would drop 10 pound dumbbells on her feet (and) burn her hands on top of the stove.” [..]

Investigators said Kabbelliyaa once jammed an insulin needle into the teenager’s eye after she forgot to pack some items when the family was moving to the city near Tacoma.’

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