Saturday, February 25, 2006


Man Angry About Slamming Door Killed Neighbor

`It’s an unusual motive for murder. Investigators in Belleview said slamming the door drove a man to kill his next-door neighbor in Marion County.

Investigators believe Betty Shepperd was murdered over something that sounds extremely trivial. They said 45-year-old Vito Loiacono was irritated that Shepperd was slamming the door at night and waking him up.

The two allegedly argued earlier in the day and then Shepperd’s friend said she got a strange phone call from someone else in the complex.

“[The person] said, ‘The reason I’m calling you is I saw Vito coming out of Betty’s apartment.’ I said, ‘That can’t be,'” said Shepperd’s friend, Maria Folks.

Folks went to Shepperd’s apartment and found her in the bathroom, where she had been stabbed to death.

“I found the door ajar. I started yelling, ‘Betty! Betty!'”‘

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