Friday, March 17, 2006


Roomba takes Frogger to the asphalt jungle

`It’s almost two in the morning and I’m standing in the middle of Austin’s Sixth Street, hoping that I’m not going to get hit by a car.

On the other hand, I am hoping–as are 15 or so other people standing nearby–that one of the cars that keep rushing by will crush the tricked-out Roomba robot vacuum cleaner that Make Magazine associate editor Phillip Torrone and Eyebeam R&D fellow Limor Fried are sending back and forth across the street and through traffic.

This is Roomba Frogger, a modern, geek version of the famous 1981 video game “Frogger,” in which players had to get a frog across a street without it getting crushed by a car or truck.’

2 Responses to “Roomba takes Frogger to the asphalt jungle”

  1. myRoomBud Says:

    Try playing the Roomba Frogger video game http://www.myroombud.com/roombafrogger.html

  2. moonbuggy Says:

    I’ve never actually been a big fan of frogger. I only though this was cool because it involved robots and real life and such.

    Also, I’m too lazy to download it. Sorry. 🙂

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