Wednesday, May 3, 2006


New site goes live..

So, if you’re reading this and you’ve been here before you may or may not notice that some parts of the page look a bit different. I’ve just switched over to the WordPress powered site I’ve been playing with over the past few days. Most everything is going nicely now, all the old posts seems to have successfully made their way into the new database and the comments have followed along too.

There might still bit a bit of ugliness on some of the pages, I’m still putting the last few tweaks in at the moment. There will probably be a few minor changes to the look of the page aswell, as I stuff about with some of the new features I’ve got now.

If everything goes to plan though, the new site should look and feel a lot like the old one. The biggest changes are behind the scenes.

Fun fun. 🙂

If you notice anything majorly screwed up and could be bothered, send me an email via the contact page so I know to fix it.

Oh, and also, you can now register an account on the site. I don’t know that it does anything at the moment, but I may in the future add some features to the site that make use of it. Personalisation of the page layout or some AJAXy shit or something. [shrug] Who knows.

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