Thursday, May 4, 2006


Dell Charges $49 to Remove Their Own Spyware

`Iíve been a fan of Michael Dell for about ten years since I read an article about him in Readerís Digest. Not wanting to believe that my friend Michael would allow this garbage to be installed on computers that bare his name, I assumed that somehow a virus had snuck its way onto my machine in the ten minute window where my computer was without anti-virus software. Sadly, Google search after Google search revealed that in fact Dell is being paid to pre-install this filth on their machines. [..]

What Dell is doing should be illegal. They are being paid to install spyware on new computers. They are making it difficult for customers to remove the spyware on their own. Then, they charge $49 to teach you how to remove it. This would be like a doctor being paid to infect you with a disease and then charging you for the antidote.

Dell claims that people like me are overreacting, but a lot of people seem to disagree.’

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