Thursday, May 18, 2006


Fired for having sex on his desk

`The manager of a charitable fundraising enterprise in Davenport has been fired for alleged financial mismanagement, drug use and having sex with a woman on his desk.

Chris T. Coppinger of Davenport was fired in March from Mohassan Grotto 22, where he worked as co-manager of the organization’s charitable bingo operation.

He was fired after his supervisors allegedly found $1,000 in cash and checks in his office, along with a condom and a jar of urine that appeared to have been hidden. Coppinger was subsequently accused of smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol in the building; having pornography on his work computer; having sex with another person on his desk; and ordering a 15-year-old co-worker to urinate in a jar. He also was fired for failing to deposit cash and checks the organization had collected.’

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