Monday, April 18, 2005


Top 50 Ways To Get Fired

`41. The Elephant
Walk around the office with your pockets out and your cock dangling from your open zipper. When confronted, make an elephant noise and then chase them around screaming, “STAMPEDE” and laughing hysterically. [..]

29. The Skeptic
Anytime you are in a meeting, raise your hand and and ask your boss, “What makes you so smart?” or “How’d you figure that Einstein?” or “You come up with that all by yourself, champ?” [..]

24. The Birthday Dick
For your boss’ birthday get him a cake that reads, “Happy Birthday Dick.” Explain that it was a mix up at the bakery. Then write “Happy Birthday Dick” on his card.

If his name is actually Dick, get a cake that says, “Happy Birthday Vagina.”‘

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