Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Indian cops called to investigate ghosts

`Malevolent ghosts stealing your chickens and torturing you in the night? Who you gonna call? For farmer Sunil Das, his first call was the police, who laughed at what they thought was a joke, the Hindustan Times newspaper reported Tuesday.

But a judge in India’s northeastern state of Assam saw little humor in Das’ allegation that ghosts controlled by his neighbors were making off with his poultry at night. Instead of laughing, the judge ordered police to get to work and find the culprits, the newspaper reported.’

2 Responses to “Indian cops called to investigate ghosts”

  1. Jammu Says:

    My wife, who’s Indian, watched in horror as her elder mom called the police to report ghosts. (Drumroll please) But it was just my side of the family visiting for the weekend! Ah-hah!

  2. moonbuggy Says:

    And did the police arrive and attempt to arrest the ghosts or something? 🙂

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