Sunday, October 29, 2006


Fridge Falls On Local Woman, Traps Her For 4 Days

`69-year-old Inga Walen’s refrigerator was top heavy and as she leaned in to open the fridge door, it fell forward, toppling her.

Inga tried calling for help any way she could. At first she grabbed some shattered glass pieces that fell on top of her during the accident, and she threw them at her kitchen window to draw attention and make noise. After that didn’t work, she then managed to grab a wooden spoon and a pressure cooker lid, and banged the two together as she called for help.

Luckily by the fourth day, Greg Allen, a politician running for the Placer County Water Board, heard Inga’s call for help while going door-to-door campaigning. He found an unlocked door and ran in to save Inga’s life.’

Four days banging on a pressure cooker with a wooden spoon. Heh.

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