Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Anus Magillicutty

I came across this on a torrent search engine. A 699meg video (apparently) file called Anus Magillicutty.avi. That’s all the information available on the file, and there’s no clue at all to what it might actually be a video of.

I don’t know what it is, and I don’t really want to spend time downloading it to find out. So, it’s going to have to remain a mystery for now.

The Mystery of Anus Magillicutty, I call it. What could it be?

I’m guessing it’s either a full length movie about Mr Magillicutty who’s having sphincter troubles, or it’s a very short, very high resolution video of an anus.

Possibly involving an endoscope.

If anyone has bandwidth to spare, why don’t you download it and let me know what’s inside? 🙂

3 Responses to “Anus Magillicutty”

  1. Aidan Says:

    This should satisfy you:

  2. moonbuggy Says:

    ‘When Anus Magillicutty’s woman (Paige Abbott) stops a would-be assassin, Anus (Henry Lloyd) is forced to interrupt his life of guzzling beer and women to dispose of the corpse (Daryl Khan). What starts as a simple chore quickly escalates into a darker plot of deceit and revenge where it seems even Satan himself is after Anus.’

    Haha. 🙂 Thanks. Consider me satisfied. 🙂

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