Sunday, December 10, 2006


Falling pants betray shoplifting suspect

‘A teenager arrested for shoplifting had filled her pockets with so many items that her weighted-down pants dropped to her ankles as she tried to run out of the store, police said.

Cheyanne E. Dwiggins, 18, is accused of trying to steal several pieces of candy, kitchen utensils and a 15-ounce box of strawberry Nestle’s Nesquik from Bauer’s Market in Lapel, about 25 miles northeast of Indianapolis. [..]

Police found a potato peeler, ice cream scoop, a set of measuring spoons, two cake decorating gel tubes and six Rollo candy bars on Dwiggins. At the Madison County Jail, a deputy removed a can of Nesquik that Dwiggins had placed in her crotch, according to court documents.’

Same thing seemed to have happened elsewhere, but comes with pictures: Caught with her pants down.

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