Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Why do we need a moon base?

`What’s it for? Good luck answering that question. There is scientific research to be done on the moon, but this could be accomplished by automatic probes or occasional astronaut visits at a minute fraction of the cost of a permanent, crewed facility. Astronauts at a moon base will spend almost all their time keeping themselves alive and monitoring automated equipment, the latter task doable from an office building in Houston. In deadpan style, the New York Times story on the NASA announcement declared, “The lunar base is part of a larger effort to develop an international exploration strategy, one that explains why and how humans are returning to the moon and what they plan to do when they get there.” Oh–so we’ll build the moon base first, and then try to figure out why we built it.’

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  1. Iris Says:

    Why don’t we need a Moon base? Do you realize how important having a presence on the Moon is? Honestly, I bet you would say we didn’t need to go to the Moon the first time, and we should always stay restricted to this blue sphere we live on.

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