Saturday, March 3, 2007


Arrested Man Downplays Bizarre Attack At Animal Kingdom

‘A worker at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom bonded out of jail, Thursday. Deputies said he attacked a co-worker and threatened to set him on fire, Wednesday night. [..]

“I think they’re all inaccurate,” [Kim] said. [..]

Kim and the other contract worker, 22-year-old Brandon Hoffman, according to deputies, had been having an ongoing argument as the two cleaned out a pond. Deputies said, when Hoffman turned his back, kim doused him with gasoline and even pulled out a lighter. Hoffman ran, but Kim didn’t give up.

“The suspect picked up a shovel and continued his assault on the victim, trying to hit him with the shovel. The victim then got on his cell phone, contacted us and Disney security,” said Commander Bruce McMullen, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.’

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