Saturday, March 17, 2007


Mom: Dog Bites Off Infant’s Genitals

‘A Houston mother told police that the family Dachshund bit off her 5-week-old son’s genitals while she was sleeping, but investigators said they are skeptical of the mother’s claims. [..]

“She said she woke up to hear the baby’s cries and found the family pet standing over the boy,” Estella Olguin, Child Protective Services, told KPRC. “She said the dog had been the one to bite the child’s genitals off.”

“The injury that the child has is really not consistent with that of a dog bite or mauling,” Olguin said. “We’ve never seen a case like this, when an animal is being blamed for mutilating a child’s genitals.”‘

2 Responses to “Mom: Dog Bites Off Infant’s Genitals”

  1. Lin Says:

    I do not believe this mother at all! She is lying about something and blaming the dog. How did the dog even supposedly get to the baby, especially a little dog like that?! She says she was sleeping…if that is true, then she must have left the baby on the floor if her story is even remotely true, which I doubt. I hope that little dog AND the baby are taken away from this sorry excuse for a mother and a pet owner.

  2. moonbuggy Says:

    I’ve just posted a followup article. See the link above this comment.

    Apparently the wounds aren’t consistent with a dog bite, and the mother is looking a bit suspicious at this point.

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