Saturday, April 14, 2007


Teacher Accused of Simple Assault and Battery of Student, Gorilla Style

‘”The teacher, Mr. Harold Skinner, grabbed a student by putting his hands on his torso from the rear, and then thrust his pelvic into the student several times, acting as a gorilla would act under a sexual type situation,” said Sheriff Metts.

The investigation report says it happened in a drama class at White Knoll High School, where the students and teachers were working on improvisational skills. In particular, they were practicing how gorillas might act.

Metts says, that’s when Skinner performed the questionable improv act on the student in front of several classmates.

“It was very distasteful to the student and embarrassing to the student to have the teacher put his hands on his torso and then thrust his pelvic into him a number of times in the rear,” said Sheriff Metts.’

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