Thursday, June 7, 2007


Woman admits van plunge revenge

‘A woman who dumped her fiance’s work van into a harbour in an act of revenge has been told she could go to prison. [..]

Thomason, a kitchen assistant, had asked her fiance to come home to help look after their two children, but he insisted on staying out drinking with his friends, the court was told.

She then drove his work van to Whitehaven Harbour where she parked it on a slipway, let the handbrake off and watched it roll into the sea. [..]

Police were forced to partially drain the harbour to recover the Ford Transit.

Just 24 hours before the argument, the couple, who had been together for seven years, booked a £2,000 honeymoon.

Mr Wilson has since called off the wedding and moved out of the home he shared with Thomason and their children, the hearing heard.’

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