Thursday, June 14, 2007


Confess, you’re a ‘career criminal’, police tell boy aged six

‘A boy of six was sent a letter by police urging him to confess to being a career criminal.

Peter Akers was advised to admit any unsolved crimes so he could make a “fresh start”. He was even offered treatment for drugs addiction.

The letter – sent to Peter by mistake – was one of scores of warning messages posted to repeat offenders.

It read: “We are giving the opportunity for you to come forward and notify us of any offences you have committed but have never been dealt with.”

Suggesting a confession might see Peter spared jail, it added: “We will offer all the help and support we can to assist you in making a fresh start.”

Peter, from Derby, could only recall one crime however – stealing sweets from his sister Phoebe, aged nine.’

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