Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Woman’s Date Shows What He’s Truly Got Inside Him

‘An 18-year-old woman was given the gift of disgust early Saturday morning when she watched a teen male she dated briefly walk onto her back porch and defecate.

Bremerton police were called from a nearby traffic stop at about 1 a.m. to an apartment building on Russell Road. A woman there told officers that she was smoking a cigarette in a shadow on her porch when she saw a 17-year-old male acquaintance perform the bodily function.

“Are you going to clean that up?” the woman asked the teen, according to police reports.

The teen, appearing intoxicated, ran away as the woman yelled after him, “You are going to clean that up.”

The woman reported the sight and smell of the incident disgusted her and almost made her vomit.

Police were unable to immediately locate the suspect.’

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