Tuesday, September 4, 2007


APEC security fear: Who’s got the rocket launchers?

‘When George W. Bush flies into Sydney tonight, one very awkward question will be in the minds of Australian security staff: where are the rocket launchers?

The failure to be able to answer that question comes at the end of one of the most extraordinary searches seen in this country – involving, at different times, up to 30 officers from ASIO, the Australian Federal Police and NSW Police.

APEC has always been a deadline to find the weapons – people don’t take rocket launchers to hold up the corner store so whoever knows where they are is almost certainly prepared to use them to cause major damage. [..]

But the fact that there are nine rocket launchers believed to be in the vicinity of Sydney as a meeting of world leaders begins has meant in recent months this operation has become one of the highest priorities of ASIO.’

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