Friday, September 28, 2007


The Devil’s Bible returns to Prague

‘A monumental Bible rumoured to have been written with the help of the Devil has been returned to Prague for the first time in 350 years.

The 13th century Codex Gigas, which is 3ft long and weighs 165lb, is thought to be the biggest book in the world and is known as The Devil’s Bible due to a supposed satanic bargain made by its author.

It was looted by Swedish soldiers from Prague castle at the end of the Thirty Years War in 1648 and taken to Stockholm, where it is the prize exhibit at the Royal Library.

But until now Swedish authorities have refused to lend it to the Czech Republic, which regards the Bible as stolen property, for fear they would not get it back.

The priceless manuscript is housed in a vault-like room behind bullet-proof glass.’

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  1. God and the Bible Says:

    I am extremely interested in the Bible and have even written a very long website about it (dealing with the great question: God, Jesus Christ, the Bible and Christianity—— what is their message?).
    Though I take the Bible very seriously and consider it possible that the Bible really contains God’s thoughts and ideas, I have always thought it hard to understand why Satan has never been able or has never been given a chance to tell the people of the earth why he rebelled against his Creator and what he is trying to achieve for himself, his fellow devils, and mankind.
    If the main theme of the Bible and the main theme of Christianity is a fight between on the one hand God, Jesus Christ and all the angels and humans who choose to obey God and on the other hand Satan, his devils and his human followers………….there is something fundamentally wrong if one of the two conflicting parties has had an opportunity to let people know all his viewpoints in an extremely thick book and the other party has never had any chance to propagate his views and his purposes and ideals.

    It is also very strange that God’s Bible does not give us humans any idea why he allowed Satan and his devils to rebel against Him and to try and find humans to join them in their rebellion.

    So: I find the idea of a Bible written by Satan extremely fascinating. If such a Bible exists I would very much like to read it.
    But to tell you the truth: I do not believe it exists.

    Who can explain to me why people should take the article that I am reacting to now
    (the Devil’s Bible returns to Prague) seriously and believe that the article is not based on someone’s imagination instead of being based on a book that really exists?

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