Thursday, February 7, 2008


Haggard prematurely leaves rehab, New Life Church says

‘The team appointed to oversee Ted Haggard’s “spiritual restoration” after scandal forced him to end his ministry at New Life Church has agreed to his request to end their oversite of his recovery program.

New Life Church issued a statement Tuesday saying it believes the termination of the relationship is premature, but would not say why. Earlier in the process, church leaders had said they assumed that Haggard’s recovery could take several years.

The Colorado Springs evangelical congregation that Haggard founded also said it remains convinced that he should not return to any church ministry.

A year ago, Haggard voluntarily entered into an arrangement with a team of “overseers” to guide what it called his “spiritual restoration” following a scandal that rocked the 14,000-member church community over Haggard’s admitted “sexual immorality.”

While Haggard never specified, a Denver man accused him of engaging in sex with him.’

Followup to Haggard says he is “completely heterosexual”.

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