Sunday, September 12, 2004


Man May Try To Reduce Ivan’s Strength

`A South Florida businessman says he’s going to try to reduce the strength of Hurricane Ivan by flying a Boeing 747 into the edge of the hurricane and dumping thousands of pounds of an absorbent material into the storm. [..]

Cordani is chief operating officer of Dyn-O-Mat, a company that sells environmental absorbent products such as mats for mechanics. He believes his product, SK 1,000, would cause a shearing action and a 15 degree cooling of the storm.’

Dyn-O-Mat homepage here.

2 Responses to “Man May Try To Reduce Ivan’s Strength”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Every Greenpeace activist’st nightmare.

  2. moonbuggy Says:

    I don’t know how likely it is to work, either. 🙂

    It seems to be a trade-off between short term gains and long term losses, as I s’pose most environmental issues are. The hurricane seems destined to cause a lot of trouble for a lot of people, in the very near future. We don’t know what sorts of long term problems dumping these sorts of things into the environment will generate.

    How can you weight the risks? I’d probably favour erring on the side of caution, until we know more about the long term issues. But then, I don’t live in the path of the storm. 🙂

    Everything else aside, fucking with the weather on such a grand scale is probably a bad idea to begin with. But maybe we’ll have no other resort if/when the climate starts to dramatically change..

    Maybe we can turn the whole planet into some sort of unbounded, oscillating feedback loop. 🙂

    Anyways, I’ll post more if I find out if they guy actually goes through with it. I’m wondering if anyone will actually lease him a plane.

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