Sunday, February 6, 2005



`In a totally unrelated note, I got into a fight with a guy from work who insisted the iPod mini was actually a “mini iPod”. And when I brought him around to the concept (by showing him a printout of apple.com/ipodmini), he insisted they be spelt in the plural as “iPod mini’s”. [..]

Granted, if there are many of his type out there – and I’m sure there are – this is a real worry. But who cares? Fuck these people. I hope they and their shitty grammar get wiped out by a plague.

That’s right – THE plague. The Black Death. Bubonic plague. Ever heard of that one? Transmitted by rats**, and vengeful proofreaders wielding rats.***

**Sorry, fleas.

***Apparently this guy is some sort of writer. That doesn’t change anything – I still want to kill him with plague.’

Kieranmushroom was kind enough to link to my site and a bit of reciprocation never hurt anybody. Unless you count reciprocating saws. Powertools hurt lots of people, I’m sure.

Also, I want to kill people with the plague sometimes too. 🙂

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