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Friday, June 24, 2005


Drunken circus performers spread fear

`Police were called out early Thursday morning after receiving calls from motorists at Asmaløy saying they were frightened by four odd male circus artists.

According to NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) in Østfold the men were Russians and throwing knives at passing cars.

At 6:34 a.m. police were called by motorists who felt menaced by four drunken men.

When police arrived one of the inebriated circus performers became furious and hit a policeman, newspaper Fredriksstad Blad reports.’


Open Letter To Kansas School Board

`I am writing you with much concern after having read of your hearing to decide whether the alternative theory of Intelligent Design to be taught along with the theory of Evolution. I think we can all agree that it is important for students to hear multiple viewpoints so they can choose for themselves the theory that makes the most sense to them. I am concerned, however, that students will only hear one theory of Intelligent Design.

Let us remember that there are multiple theories of Intelligent Design. I and many others around the world are of the strong belief that the universe was created by a Flying Spaghetti Monster. It was He who created all that we see and all that we feel. We feel strongly that the overwhelming scientific evidence pointing towards evolutionary processes is nothing but a coincidence, put in place by Him.’

The Conet Project

`For more than 30 years the Shortwave radio spectrum has been used by the worlds intelligence agencies to transmit secret messages. These messages are transmitted by hundreds of “Numbers Stations”.

Shortwave Numbers Stations are a perfect method of anonymous, one way communication. Spies located anywhere in the world can be communicated to by their masters via small, locally available, and unmodified Shortwave receivers. The encryption system used by Numbers Stations, known as a “one time pad” is unbreakable. Combine this with the fact that it is almost impossible to track down the message recipients once they are inserted into the enemy country, it becomes clear just how powerful the Numbers Station system is.’


`The Rosoboronexport State Corporation is the sole state intermediary agency for Russia’s military exports/imports. Rosoboronexport is the principal Russian arms exporter ranked among the leading operators in the international arms market.

The name of “Rosoboronexport” is associated with major arms deliveries within the framework of the Russia’s military-technical cooperation with foreign countries, famous brands of Russian armaments classed among the world’s best, prominent defence industries with high-skilled workforce and time-tested traditions, advanced military science and technology.’


The Electric Cosmos

‘There is a revolution just beginning in astronomy/cosmology that will rival the one set off by Copernicus and Galileo. This revolution is based on the growing realization that the cosmos is highly electrical in nature. It is becoming clear that 99% of the universe is made up not of “invisible matter”, but rather, of matter in the plasma state. Electrodynamic forces in electric plasmas are much stronger than the gravitational force.

Mainstream astrophysicists are continually surprised by new data sent back by space probes and orbiting telescopes. New information always sends theoretical astrophysicists “back to the drawing board”. In light of this, it is curious that they have such “cock-sure” attitudes about the infallibility of their present models. Those models seem to require major “patching up” every time a new space probe sends back data.’


Thursday, June 23, 2005


MSN Chat Goes Wrong

Not safe for work, but amusing.

(3.8meg .wmv)

He bites you where?

Relatively large, but it is absolutely hilarious.

Worth the download. 🙂

(7.5meg .wmv)


Linux powers low-cost petabyte-level storage

`The IA is an online digital library with very large collections of audio, video, texts, web sites, and software. For example, it claims to host footage of more than 20,000 live concerts, and snapshots of the Internet dating back to 1996, accessible through the well-known Wayback Machine, which currently hosts over 40 billion web pages.

The IA’s PetaBox installation comprises about 16 racks housing 600 systems with 2,500 spinning drives, for a total capacity of roughly 1.5 petabytes. [..]’

Russian Schoolboy Dies After 12 Hours of Computer Gaming

`A 12-year-old schoolboy from Russia’s Urals city of Yekaterinburg has died after playing computer games. After spending 12 hours at a local computer club, the boy fainted and was taken to hospital, where he died of a stroke eight days later, the Novye Izvestia daily reported on Tuesday.

Local doctors are sure that the boy was killed by his obsession with virtual reality. After school ended in May he started visiting a local computer club every day, spending 10 to 12 hours there and returned home only to eat and sleep.’



`Yes, that is correct. The wonderful things that used to be here, the very funny things that you want to read, have been made retroactively illegal by the US government, in a side-handed attack on the pornography industry.

We might mention that the material here isn’t even pornography as you normally think of it — this site is just adult humor, in essay format, with some illustrations. The government is mandating that we meet certain bookkeeping requirements, ones impossible to meet for this site. Never mind that those requirements do not actually gain the public anything. [..]

The regulations were promulgated by Alberto Gonzales, US Attorney General appointed by George Bush. If you voted for Bush, this is your fault. If you think this country is free, you are sadly mistaken. No nation has freedom when it is run by religious zealots.’


Cunt splice

`The cunt splice is a knot of the splice variety, similar to the eye splice. It is typically used for light lines (e.g., the log-line) where a single splice would tend to come undone, the rope being frequently wet. It makes a very strong knot. A cunt splice is a join between two ropes, made by splicing the ends slightly apart, to make an eye in the joined rope which lies shut when the rope is taut.’


Wednesday, June 22, 2005



`Abandoned is a photo base of abandoned plants, unfinished buildings, industrial sites. Most of them situated near to Moscow. By the measure of abilities, I hope to fill this photo base by a lot of any other objects and sites which exist somewhere in Russian Federation.’

Lots of photos of abandoned stuff.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Man Uses Vacuum Cleaner To Siphon Gas

`An 82-year-old man from Glen Burnie, Md., is being treated for burns he received while trying to siphon gas from his car with a vacuum cleaner, while the engine was running. [..]

Anne Arundel County fire officials said the man had locked his keys in his car with the engine running Wednesday night and went to bed.

The car was still running Thursday morning and that’s when the man tried to drain the gas tank with the vacuum.’


Cannabis drug on sale in Canada

`The world’s first cannabis-based drug has gone on sale in Canada, and the UK firm which developed it says it remains committed winning a UK sales licence.

Sativex is a mouth spray for multiple sclerosis (MS) sufferers, who can use it to alleviate pain.

GW Pharmaceuticals said it remains “committed to securing approval of Sativex across Europe and elsewhere”. ‘

Portable Rotary Phone

`I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Portable Rotary Phone from Spark Fun Electronics. It’s a GSM cell phone built inside an old rotary phone. You pop your SIM card in, it dials out, rings and acts just like an old fashion phone, but it’s now my full time cell phone.’

Tom Cruise Gets Squirted

‘A British TV prankster squirts water from a fake microphone into Tom’s face while he gives an interview on the red carpet. To his credit, Tom remains incredibly restrained.’

see it here »


The US war with Iran has already begun

`”Liberation” and the spread of “democracy” have become none-too-subtle code words within the neo-conservative cabal that formulates and executes American foreign policy today for militarism and war.

By the intensity of the “liberation/democracy” rhetoric alone, Americans should be put on notice that Iran is well-fixed in the cross-hairs as the next target for the illegal policy of regime change being implemented by the Bush administration.

But Americans, and indeed much of the rest of the world, continue to be lulled into a false sense of complacency by the fact that overt conventional military operations have not yet commenced between the United States and Iran.

As such, many hold out the false hope that an extension of the current insanity in Iraq can be postponed or prevented in the case of Iran. But this is a fool’s dream.

The reality is that the US war with Iran has already begun. As we speak, American over flights of Iranian soil are taking place, using pilotless drones and other, more sophisticated, capabilities.’


Stunt Goes Amusingly Wrong

Sliding along the ramp.. What fun. 🙂

(1.5meg .wmv)

Scotland on Sunday – UK – Eurofighter a shooting star in clash with US jets

`A chance encounter over the Lake District between a Eurofighter trainer and two F-15 aircraft turned into a mock dogfight, with the British plane coming off best – much to the surprise of some in the RAF. The episode was hushed up for fear of causing US blushes. [..]

The ‘clash’ took place last year over Windermere when the two-seater RAF Eurofighter was ‘bounced’ from behind by the two F-15E fighters.

The US pilots intended to pursue the supposedly hapless ‘Limey’ for several miles and lock their radars on to it for long enough so that if it had been a real dogfight the British jet would have been shot down.

But much to the Americans’ surprise, the Eurofighter shook them off, outmanoeuvred them and moved into shooting positions on their tails.’


Employers add staff to read workers’ outgoing e-mail

`About 55 percent of companies retain and review e-mail, according to a 2005 survey by the American Management Association and Columbus, Ohio-based training and consulting firm The ePolicy Institute, up from 47 percent in 2001. A quarter have fired workers for e-mail abuse.

More than 60 percent of companies with 1,000 or more employees either hire, or plan to hire, staff to read or otherwise analyze outbound e-mail, according to a 2005 study by Proofpoint, which specializes in e-mail security and content issues. A main concern: leakage of trade secrets.’

At first when I read articles like this I think “America is a shithole of a country full of cunts and I’m fucking glad I don’t live there”.

Then I realise many companies in Australia probably read their employees email aswell. At which point I think to myself “America is a shithole of a country full of cunts and I’m fucking glad I don’t live there”.

Man chokes to death after eating wife’s face in South Africa

`A South African man choked to death minutes after killing his wife and eating part of her face following a domestic argument, police has said today.

Police stormed into a house in rural KwaZulu-Natal near the border with Mozambique early on Friday after neighbours reported a disturbance, Captain Tienkie van Vuuren has told Reuters. They found a 30-year-old woman who had been stabbed to death. [..]

After a struggle, officers handcuffed the man — who was aged around 33 and had no history of mental illness — but soon afterwards he choked, collapsed and died, she said.’


Close or clean up Guantanamo: Clinton

`”It is time that there are no more stories coming out of there about people being abused,” Clinton told the Financial Times on Monday, becoming the most prominent individual to criticise the US-run facility which holds hundreds of terror suspects.

It should be “closed down or cleaned up”, he added.

Clinton questioned whether harsh treatment of terrorist suspects is in line with the “fundamental nature” of US society.

“If the answer is ‘yes’, you have already given the terrorists a profound victory,” Clinton was quoted as saying.’


Sunday, June 19, 2005


Art of Science Competition


Thursday, June 16, 2005


Man kills sex-crazed wife

`A German court has sent a man to a psychiatric institution after he cut off his penis and killed his sex-crazed wife.

The man allegedly cut off his own penis because of the incessant sexual demands of his wife.

The court in Kassel in central Germany, heard on Tuesday that the wife of the man, 38, an alcoholic of Ghanaian origin, was obsessed with his organ and so he sliced it off with a long breadknife and threw it at her feet.

He then cut the throat of his 50-year-old wife.’

U.S. to push for Kirkuk-Haifa pipeline

`In a telegram sent by a senior Pentagon official to a top Israeli Foreign Ministry official, the United States asked Israel to check the possibility of pumping oil from Iraq to the oil refineries in Haifa.

The Prime Minister’s Office views the pipeline to Haifa as a “bonus” the U.S. could give to Israel in return for its unequivocal support for the American-led campaign in Iraq and had asked the Americans for the official telegram.’


Sanitation problems for climbers

`The unsanitary conditions created by piles of human feces on Mount McKinley can cause diarrhea among climbers, which can lead to widespread problems when combined with the physical stress of a mountain expedition, according to the report in the journal Wilderness and Environmental Medicine.

Of 132 climbers interviewed on the 20,320-foot (6,200-meter) peak in the summer of 2002, more than a quarter reported having trouble with diarrhea, said the report, which was conducted by officials with the Alaska Division of Public Health. [..]

“They think they’re going out on a pristine climb and there’s virus-laden poo all around them,” said Dr. Bradford Gessner, a mountaineer and one of the study’s authors.’

Prison sausage joke backfires

`Two prison guards have been stood down and could face criminal charges over the incident sources describe as a practical joke gone wrong.

The incident is believed to revolve around a prisoner who was coerced into internally concealing a sausage to smuggle it out of the prison on a day leave trip, before being strip searched by guards allegedly in on the joke.

Two more guards could be stood down over the alleged incident.

It is believed two prisoners may also be charged with a criminal offence, possibly rape.’

Hometowns of the World’s Billionaires


Pink Floyd to play Live 8 show

`Veteran rock band Pink Floyd have been added to the list of acts appearing at next month’s Live 8 concert in London.

Roger Waters will be reunited with band-members Dave Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright for the show.

The show, organised by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to help fight African poverty, is one of five taking place around the world on July 2.’


entrances to hell

Lots of photos of strange places..