Saturday, September 17, 2005


Ex-statie cadets detail academy hazing horrors

`Hazing at the state police academy was so vile that one recruit was ordered to wear a classmate’s soiled underwear a demand that prompted him to abandon his dream of becoming a trooper.

“If I put on those . . . stained shorts, I would have been selling my soul to the devil,” said the man, who works in a local district attorney’s office and asked that his name be withheld. “It was all about humiliation. I didn’t want to work within that type of organization.” [..]

“The state police try to be more elite, but what is putting someone’s head in the toilet going to do make them a better investigator?” [some guy] said. “They are losing qualified people because of this juvenile crap.” [..]

“It was hell,” [some other guy] said. “If I had done to the prisoners there what was done to me at the State Police Academy, I would have been all over the news for prisoner abuse.”‘

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