Sunday, October 2, 2005


Game of Mick-Believe

`A randy Mick Jagger impersonator got plenty of satisfaction at a Chelsea nightclub when the hoodwinked hot spot lavished him with VIP treatment including free liquor, a personal security guard and lots of female attention. [..]

“After about an hour and a half of partying with what became a large crowd, the fake Mick told the security guard that he was becoming overwhelmed by the crowd and the cameras . . . and needed to leave,” Spirit spokeswoman Claire O’Connor said.

“The security guard called for additional backup, and the clone was whisked, with three girls, down a back staircase. He asked to stop at the ladies’ room on the way out, and spent 10 minutes in the ladies’ room with the three girls.” When they came out, the impish imposter and his date bid farewell to the groupies and hailed a taxi outside.’

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