Monday, November 14, 2005


Dog Attack Victim on the Front Page

`In typical fashion, the daily Spanish newspaper Diario Extra published on the front page of today’s edition, gruesome photos of the remains of the man attacked by two rottweilers Thursday morning.

The graphic photos are, according to the newspaper editor, published as a reminder of what a mortal danger of a rottweiler attack.

Meanwhile, the Nicaraguan government, is asking Costa Rican authorities for a complete investigation into the death of 25 year old Nicaraguan, Leopoldo Natividad, who was illegal in Costa Rica and was attacked while attempting to rob, along with two other thieves, the installations of Taller Zuņiga, located in Cartago.’

With the images in question. I think the fact that these sorts of photos end up in the newspaper at all, let alone on the front page, is more interesting that the story itself. I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing. There’d probably be less debate and more action about allowing people to have dangerous dogs if more pictures like this were published. [shrug]

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