Saturday, January 14, 2006


Rock & Roll Hall of Shame

`What exactly is it about Hollywood and fame that gets into people’s heads? What is it that penetrates into the minds of performers and makes them feel omnipotent? Make them believe they are all powerful and knowing and that everything they touch will turn to gold? Is it the mandatory narcissistic obsession that comes with being a star? Is it the constant exposure to drugs and alcohol? Is it the close proximity of greasy executive and slimy producers who are out to exploit anyone and everyone to make a buck?

We are not sure, we’ll let you be the judge as to the drives and/or motivations behind the current list of nominees for the Fade To Black Rock & Roll Hall of Shame. So crank up the volume and prepare to listen to your favorite Rock & Roll classics sung by the likes of Andy Griffith, Pat Boone, Leonard Nimoy and more!’

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  1. Marc Fearby Says:

    Rock and roll classics by… Leonard Nimoy? ¿Qué?

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