Thursday, June 8, 2006


50 Dumbest Rock-Star Extravagances

`47. Express Delivery
Keith Moon
Item: Customized milk truck
Cost: $595
In 1971, Who drummer Keith Moon bought a British electric-powered milk delivery cart and had it converted into a “mobile Victorian parlour” — with armchair, wallpaper, cocktail cabinet and gramophone. To fit it in his garage, Moon also removed his Corvette and drove it into a nearby hedge. [..]

30. Establishing Boundaries
Paul McCartney
Item: Gigantic fence
Cost: $170,000
Herds of wild boar were becoming a problem on McCartney’s 1,000-acre English estate, tearing up trees and carrying swine fever. But he didn’t want the guilt of the pests being shot on his property, so in 1999 he had a four-mile long fence built to keep them out. “He does whatever he wants because he can afford it,” said a disgruntled local farmer.’

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