Friday, June 9, 2006


Cliff Richard bags own wine on TV

`Gordon Ramsay, the celebrity chef that everyone loves to hate, now has a new enemy: Sir Cliff Richard. [..]

The UK’s Daily Mail reports that Richard thought the first wine Ramsay gave him to taste was “amazing”. [..]

The second wine did not go down so well.

“I told him it was a sort of 12.99 bottle and Cliff said, ‘That’s rubbish. I wouldn’t pay for that, it’s tainted, it’s insipid. It tastes like vinaigrette. I’d never buy that,'” Ramsay quoted him as saying.

I told him, ‘Cliff, that was your wine’ and, well, fuck me, he went off. Bananas. He lent over and [beckoned me towards him] with his finger and said, ‘Young man, go fuck yourself.'”‘

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