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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Boston film student sparks terror alert

`A Boston film student trying to recreate an armed sequence from the film, “The Matrix,” instead created a full-blown terror response and faces charges.

Police received a 911 call about people dressed in camouflage and wearing masks on an apartment rooftop, pointing guns toward the street.

Alex Stinson, a 21-year-old student at the New England Institute of Art and three others were arrested and six other people were being sought, the Boston Globe said.’

Drug raid yields Los Alamos documents

‘Authorities in northern New Mexico have stumbled onto what appears to be classified information from Los Alamos National Laboratory while arresting a man suspected of domestic violence and dealing methamphetamine from his mobile home. [..]

Police alerted the FBI to the secret documents, which agents traced back to a woman linked to the drug dealer, officials said. The woman is a contract employee at Los Alamos National Laboratory, according to an FBI official who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the case.

The official would not describe the documents except to say that they appeared to contain classified material and were stored on a computer file.’

Prank turns tragic, cart breaks woman’s neck

‘A shopping cart that had been hoisted atop a supermarket flagpole by pranksters fell on a store employee and broke her neck.

The cart fell Saturday as the woman untied the rope to raise the flag, as she did every day when she went to work, police Lt. Lisa Perrine said Tuesday.

Shantie Marjal, 62, was hospitalized in serious condition. Police said she broke her neck and suffered serious head injuries but was not paralyzed.

Police Chief Bernard Melekian urged the pranksters to come forward.’

Man headbutts road after arrest

`A Perth man who injured his face by headbutting the road after crashing his car into a fence has been charged with drink-driving and kicking police. [..]

“The man was taken to Fremantle Hospital for treatment to facial injuries after he headbutted the bitumen of the road several times,” police said.’


Skull scandal ‘disgusts’ Germany

`German Chancellor Angela Merkel called photos of German soldiers in Afghanistan playing with a skull “shocking and disgusting,” and Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung said those involved will be dealt with harshly.

One image was published on the cover of the national tabloid Bild, under the words “Schock Fotos.”

In the picture, a soldier seems to be slightly smirking as he poses with the skull in his raised right hand. A black banner covers his face.

Other images show the skull displayed like an off-center hood ornament on the front of a jeep. Another picture shows a soldier holding the skull near his exposed penis.’


US denies Vegemite clampdown

`The US government today dismissed media reports it had banned Vegemite.

“There is no ban on Vegemite,” US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) spokesman Mike Herndon said.

Media reports at the weekend claimed American border officials were confiscating Vegemite from Australians as they entered the US.

The FDA, charged with policing America’s food supply, has not issued an “import alert” to border officials to halt the import of Vegemite’

followup to Happy Vegemites?.

Men who use mobile phones face increased risk of infertility

`Men who use mobile phones could be risking their fertility, warn researchers.

A new study shows a worrying link between poor sperm and the number of hours a day that a man uses his mobile phone.

Those who made calls on a mobile phone for more than four hours a day had the worst sperm counts and the poorest quality sperm, according to results released yest at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine annual meeting in New Orleans.’


Reuters typo tells us “Queen Elizabeth has 10 times the lifespan of workers and lays up to 2,000 eggs a day”

`With its highly evolved social structure of tens of thousands of worker bees commanded by Queen Elizabeth, the honey bee genome could also improve the search for genes linked to social behavior. [..]

Queen Elizabeth has 10 times the lifespan of workers and lays up to 2,000 eggs a day.’



This is a cool little web based game where you play a hobo who fights other hobos and goes to school to improve skills and all sorts of other things like that.

I’m charging around wielding a plastic spoon and protecting myself with a plastic bag.

Kinda fun, if you’re looking for some time to kill. 🙂

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


2 Men Accuse Deputies Of Forcing Them To Eat Marijuana

`The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs Unit is investigating a complaint of two deputies who allegedly forced two men to eat marijuana, KSAT 12 News reported. [..]

Martinez and Sandoval said the deputies were looking for a woman when they found their marijuana during an search of their apartment Sept. 29.

“They … put it on the counter and the cop came back up to me,” Martinez said. “(He) told me, ‘Well I’m going to watch you and your roommate eat it. And you all (expletive) better eat it or not …”

Martinez said the main deputy ordered them to wash the marijuana down with water.’


Police hunt train defecator

`Transport police are hunting for an “exceptionally antisocial” man who has been defecating on trains across the country, causing tens of thousands of pounds-worth of damage.

The vandal, who strikes by smearing excrement inside the carriages, appears to wait until he is alone before committing the offence but investigators can discern no other pattern to his behaviour. Police say the man has soiled at least 30 trains since August, mainly in the south-east.

His foul play has caused a total of 60,000 worth of damage and cleaning bills, while some affected carriages have had to be withdrawn from service.’


Hippo defends Antelope from the jaws of a crocodile

‘A hippo attempts to save an antelope from the jaws of a crocodile.’

(5.1meg Flash video)

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Police say Myspace tiff led to biting

`A Framingham man angry that his ex-girlfriend removed him as a friend from her Web page, repeatedly bit, punched and then choked her on the weekend, police said.

Michael Magrath, 19, told police he did not punch the woman Saturday, but said he bit her and put his hands on her throat, but it was all in jest, police spokesman Lt. Paul Shastany said.

He also did not deny he destroyed her laptop computer, worth more than $2,000, Shastany said.’

Firefox 2 Released

Candidate: Use Textbooks As Shields From School Shooters

`One of Oklahoma’s nominees for state superintendent of education has proposed a unique idea for protecting students from outbreaks of violence.

Bill Crozier, a Union City Republican going against incumbent Democrat Sandy Garrett, said he believes old textbooks could be used to stop bullets shot from weapons wielded by school intruders.

If elected, he said he would put thick used textbooks under every desk for students to use in self-defense.’

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Professor Admits He Was Wrong To Discipline His Child With Ants

`The attorney for an Alcorn State University professor said his client admitted he was wrong to discipline his child with ants.

On Tuesday, professor Festus Oguhebe pleaded no contest to one count of felony child abuse for putting ants on his child. [..]

“He believes in academic excellence. This stems from a bad report from school his child obtained, and he was concerned about that,” said [his attorney].’


Pelican Tries To Eat A Pigeon

‘Check out this pelican that thought he would snag a pigeon for a snack. The pigeon puts up enough of a fight that the pelican gives up finally and lets it go.’

(2.1meg Windows media)

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Bear ‘hunted’ by King of Spain was drunk on vodka

`King Juan Carlos of Spain was at the centre of an embarrassing scandal yesterday after it emerged he shot a domestic bear that had been fed honey-laced vodka to slow its reactions during a recent hunting trip in Russia.

The governor of Vologda, a region in northern Russia, ordered an investigation after a letter recounting the death of Mitrofan the bear was leaked to the Russian press.

In a letter to governor Vyacheslav Pozgalev, the deputy head of the region’s hunting grounds conservation department deplored Mitrofan’s shooting in late August as “abominable”.

“The party sacrificed a good-humoured and jolly bear who had been kept at a farm in the village of Novlenskoye,” Sergey Starostin wrote.’

Mexican gangs displaying severed heads

`The drug lords at war in central Mexico are no longer content with simply killing their enemies. They are putting their severed heads on public display.

In Michoacan, the home state of President-elect Felipe Calderon, 17 heads have turned up this year, many with bloodstained notes like the one found in the highlands town of Tepalcatepec in August: “See. Hear. Shut Up. If you want to stay alive.”

Many in Michoacan’s mountains and colonial cities are doing just that: They are tightlipped, their newspapers are censoring themselves and in one town, 18 out of 32 police officers quit saying they had received death threats from drug smugglers.’


Tyra Banks Goes Insane

Everyone seems to be extremely excited for no good reason at all.

(8.3meg Windows media)

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Monday, October 23, 2006


MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver

MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Increased Risk Of Cancer For Computer Factory Workers

`Workers at computer factories are at increased risk of dying of cancer. The largest study of its kind published today in the open access journal Environmental Health looks at over 30,000 deaths of workers who had been employed at IBM factories in the USA. The study reveals that IBM factory workers were more likely to have died of cancer, including brain, kidney or breast cancer and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, than the rest of the population.

The author of the study cannot link these deaths to any specific chemicals or other toxic exposures. The current study confirms previous, smaller studies and highlights clear health risks for workers in computer factories across the world.’


Inmate kills self hours before execution

`A convicted killer facing lethal injection beat the executioner to it Thursday, committing suicide by slitting his throat and arm with a blade in his Texas death row cell 15 hours before he was supposed to die.

Michael Dewayne Johnson, 29, was found in a pool of blood by officers making routine checks on him every 15 minutes, authorities said. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Johnson apparently scrawled words in blood on the wall of his cell, but prison officials would not say what he wrote.’


Prank Calls To Cspan

Some funny prank calls to political talkshow type thingies on Cspan.

(9.2meg Windows media)

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Austrian Removes ‘Sexist’ Urinals

`An Austrian businessman announced Thursday that he would get rid of urinals shaped like a woman’s mouth from a public toilet near Vienna’s national opera, after facing pressure from politicians who demanded their removal.

The urinals, which are located in the “Opera Toilet,” a lavishly decorated public restroom, feature thick, lipsticked lips, a set of teeth and a bright red tongue. [..]

“The owner thinks the idea (of the urinal) is funny,” Lackner said, adding that it seemed he was not prepared for the hostile reactions. [..]

“The thing that surprises us the most,” Lackner said, “is that no man has ever said anything about this.”‘

Principal acts after stripper story

`The principal of one of Perth’s most exclusive schools has summoned parents to a meeting “of critical importance” following reports of booze-fuelled public sex romps, weekend drug binges and boys employing a stripper whose act involves the use of vegetables. [..]

Mr Syme was prompted to take action following reports of out-of-control weekend parties and a student rugby wind-up involving a vegetable-wielding stripper.

Text massaging was largely to blame for attracting swarms of teens to grand homes in some of Perth’s most expensive suburbs for under-age parties, where students from a number of schools took illicit drugs and engaged in “inappropriate sexual behaviour in parks and other public places”, he said. ‘

Putin’s ‘rape joke’ played down

`Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has been overheard joking about the virility of his Israeli counterpart, who is accused of multiple rape.

A Russian journalist said Mr Putin joked that President Moshe Katsav was a “mighty man”, adding “we all envy him”.

Mr Katsav is facing allegations that he raped members of his staff. He strongly denies the claims.

[..] the president continued: “What a mighty man he turns out to be! He raped 10 women – I would never have expected this from him. He surprised us all – we all envy him!”

There reportedly followed loud laughter among the official delegations.’

followup to: Israeli president could face rape charges

Report: Grandmother insane

`A woman who stabbed her young granddaughter 62 times with a butcher knife after she received “spiritual messages from the geese flying overhead” has been determined to be criminally insane by the state mental hospital.’


Dancing Polar Bear At Zoo

‘This is kinda funny. A polar bear at the Milwaukee Zoo dances for a crowd of people.’

(3.4meg Windows media)

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Tenacious D – In The Pick of Destiny Trailer

Here’s a trailer for what appears to be a Tenacious D movie coming out some time. Could be kinda amusing, if you like Tenacious D I s’pose. 🙂

(4.5meg Flash video)

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