Friday, December 29, 2006


Backwoods Celebrity Faces Long Prison Term for Incest

`Robert Hale, a Bible-toting father of 15 who calls himself Papa Pilgrim, became an anti-government celebrity in Alaska by driving a bulldozer across a national park that encircles his land.

The Lord told him that using the bulldozer to clear 14 miles of derelict road through the park was a loving thing to do, Hale said in an interview three years ago.

In 2003, Robert Hale, also known as Papa Pilgrim, invited reporters to his Alaska ranch to discuss his battle with the U.S. government over access to his land inside a national park.

“In order for me to love my children, I have to be a provider,” Hale said then, explaining that he needed the bulldozer to fetch supplies for his children, whom he and his wife were home-schooling in an ultra-strict Christian way.

He said his children read only the Bible, always bathed with their clothes on and were not allowed to see one another naked.’

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