Thursday, January 25, 2007


Dutch shock at proposed dating show for ‘visibly disfigured’

`The Netherlands, the country that has pioneered reality shows like “Big Brother”, is planning a new first – a dating programme for the visibly disfigured.

The broadcaster SBS 6 is seeking candidates for its “Love at Second Sight” show due to be launched in February

“Do you have a visible serious handicap and are you looking for a partner?” says an appeal on its Web site. [..]

But the majority of Dutch viewers are turned off by the show that was initially set to be called “Monster Love”.’

One Response to “Dutch shock at proposed dating show for ‘visibly disfigured’”

  1. judy harfield Says:

    as a disabled person i don’t know whether this will be a good show or not, but before all you ABLE bodied people judge it, why not ask the disabled how they feel about it. people are so hung up on looks these days that it’s pathetic. we disabled people have physical flaws—but we’re beautiful on the inside & that’s what counts—after all beauty, like a flower, fades with time. a good heart, intelligence, wit, charm, these things last.

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