Monday, April 30, 2007


Man, 82, hits robber with lettuce

‘An 82-year-old man wielding a bag of shopping has driven an armed robber from a village post office.

George Smith hit the man twice with a bag containing an iceberg lettuce and bottles of bleach and washing liquid.

The masked raider, who had a shotgun, fled from the shop in Speldhurst, near Tunbridge Wells, Kent, leaving the takings untouched. [..]

Mr Smith himself said his actions were “entirely automatic”.

“The best method of defence is attack – so I did. I whacked him in the face and then I clobbered him again.

“He ran off down to the corner still with the gun pointing my way.

“I took a couple of paces towards him and told him to clear off. And he did.”‘

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