Thursday, September 13, 2007


Drunk schoolgirl kicks man where it hurts

‘A drunken schoolgirl kicked a New Zealand man in the testicles for pronouncing her name wrong, a court was told today.

Megan Jane Conroy from Sandstone Point north of Brisbane, sobbed in the dock in the Brisbane District Court today as she pleaded guilty to assault.

The court was told she arrived home early on May 13 last year to find the complainant and a group of her mother’s friends celebrating a birthday.

Conroy, then aged 17, asked the 40-year-man if he was “a Kiwi”, and told him to “get fucked” when he said yes.

She was then offended when he pronounced her name “Maegan” instead of “Megan” and kneed him in the groin and demanded he say it correctly.’

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