Thursday, October 13, 2005


Trophy Penis Gives Away Tramp Murderer

‘The murder of a tramp was successfully solved in Russia’s southern port city of Novorossiisk after police discovered the victim’s penis on the person of the murderer. He had cut it off and kept it as a trophy, Russian news agency Regnum reported on Tuesday.

According to the agency, police discovered the dead body of a man in a garage block. The dead man was naked and his penis had been cut off. Investigators have found out that the dead man was a local tramp known as Sniper — a nickname he got for allegedly serving in the army in Chechnya. [..]

According to the investigators’ main theory, the murder was committed out of jealousy. The victim and his killer had been drinking in the company of a young homeless woman and started fighting. The young tramp strangled Sniper and then cut off his penis which he apparently kept as a trophy.’

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