Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Hubby wrecks sex toy

`Frustrated husband Rudolf Gibbs was taken to court — for breaking his wife’s Rampant Rabbit vibrator.

Gibbs, 61, had not been sleeping with her and was angry after finding the sex toy hidden at their home.

The court heard that he burst into his wife’s bedroom to confront her. Gibbs sat with his head bowed in the dock as prosecutor Vinit Kotecha said: “He found her sex toy, which was a Rampant Rabbit.

“He entered her bedroom with the instrument and challenged her about it, saying, ‘Why don’t you use it now?’

“He said, ‘Make love to this’ — then he damaged it.”

Gibbs, married for 28 years, was charged with causing criminal damage after his furious wife called in cops. He pleaded guilty to one charge of causing £38 worth of criminal damage to the toy.’

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