Thursday, March 30, 2006


Microsoft Delays IE’s ActiveX D-Day

`Microsoft is moving full steam ahead with a plan to permanently modify the way Internet Explorer renders multimedia content on Web pages, but in what amounts to an admission that the changes could be disruptive, the software maker plans to give Web developers an extra 60 days to continue making preparations. [..]

“Despite what Microsoft says about minimal impact, it makes it much harder to use an application that has a lot of ActiveX or Applets. Each time you load a page with a control, you have to activate it. So if the user goes to PageA with a control and activates it, then goes to PageB with a control and activates that one, if they then go back to PageA again then have to activate it again,” said the source, who requested anonymity.

He said software vendors and sites that use ActiveX, Flash and Applets “will get a lot of howls” from users when the update ships on April 11.’

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