Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Least safe for work video ever

I always find it amusing that no matter how many times I think to myself “I’ll never find anything more offensive than what I’ve just posted” there’s _always_ something worse to find, floating somewhere around on the interwebs.

Still, this time I _really_ think this might be the most awful thing ever.

I don’t recommend anyone watch this video. Especially not at work.

(3.9meg Flash video)

13 Responses to “Least safe for work video ever”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Why did you post it then πŸ™‚ ??

  2. moonbuggy Says:

    Because people I know will watch it and then complain to me about how disgusted they were and I will say “I told you so” and then laugh.

    It will be hilarious. πŸ™‚

    Zac was asking me about it all day and I refused to tell him what it’s about. So he’ll watch it before to long. It’ll be great. πŸ™‚

  3. I hate society Says:


  4. Scoutblind Says:

    Seriously, what the fuck?! GROSS! The sweet punk song kinda took the edge off it….who am i kiding? Im a total freaki do that shit all the time…but seriously, noone should

  5. Unchain Says:

    That video is pretty tame, I enjoyed it, laughed a lot.

  6. Harlee Says:

    who can withstand that much pain?

  7. moonbuggy Says:

    Crazy people, presumably. πŸ™‚

  8. somepeople Says:

    I was unfortunate enough to look up the BME olympics after seeing the reactions on youtube, so this clip didn’t shock me too much. I just don’t get what the hell these people were trying to accomplish. I understand some people get off on being tortured and humiliated; however there is a fine but definite line between extreme masochism and something as stupid, irreversible, painful, anti-productive and anti-sexual as this. From an evolutionary standpoint this shit shouldn’t exist anywhere (obviously). From a psychological perspective, ditto. There are NO motives for this PERIOD What the fucking fuck??!!??

  9. Kirari Says:

    o_o oh, I saw this a month or two ago.

    People are interesting, to say the very least.

  10. matt Says:

    Wow, I’m impressed that people could mutilate themselves like that. I think the worst one (believe it or not) is the bloke chiselling off the end of his finger. Some of you may dissagree with me.

    I’m actually suprised that people could go to those lengths to batter their penises… It kinda makes you think…. Or not.

  11. Banananana Says:

    The beginning of the video didn’t bug me up until the art where the guy cut the tip of his finger off. Holy fuck I gagged and gagged and my friends laughed the rest of the video was beyond mutilation. And I though the penis was the most sensitive part of a guys body, but apparently it isn’t!

  12. asdfa Says:

    this is crazy men!!!!!

  13. Anonymousse Says:

    i have the weirdest boner right now

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