Thursday, September 13, 2007


Local lawyer suspected in drunken Labor Day shooting

‘It sounds like a bad Jeff Foxworthy joke. A drunk, middle-aged man unloads his handgun in his backyard, hitting a passing truck, and then tries to punch a cop in the balls after the law comes knocking. Only the suspect in this case isn’t your typical redneck. He’s Martin LeNoir, one of the top defense attorneys in Dallas.

On Labor Day at around 4:40 p.m., Bob Kennedy was driving his truck on Sperry Street in Lakewood when his driver’s side window shattered. The glass fell on his lap. He heard a gunshot and feared someone was shooting at him. [..]

When they were let into the backyard, the officers immediately saw evidence that incriminated the suspect. (The police report doesn’t specify what it was they found.) According to the report, the “suspect,” whom police won’t name because they say he hasn’t yet been charged, became belligerent and attempted to punch an officer in the groin.’

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