Friday, April 13, 2007


Masturbation Solves All Your Problems

An excerpt of a recent conversation I had:

Anon says: Downloaded over a gig of porn last night on [friend]’s 500mb/month wireless internet quota and [the ISP seems] to think I downloaded 80mb…. they also seem to have credited her account $300…

Anon says: I should download porn more often. 🙂

moonbuggy says: That’s a bit crazy. You musta downloaded so much pr0n you broke them. 🙂

Anon says: Was only a few days into the quota too…

Anon says: Bloody pornfest 07

Anon says: Yeah… is quite strange..

moonbuggy says: [grin] She gonna be annoyed? 🙂

Anon says: Nah…

Anon says: What… that I wanked hard, downloaded shitloads of porn and made her $300?

Anon says: Would you be mad?

.. and later:

moonbuggy says: Can I change your name to “Anon” and take [friend]’s name out of it and put that last little exchange on my website? 🙂

Anon says: Yeah… ‘corse

Anon says: Hell… leave the names and put my address and phone number… 🙂 I have no shame. 🙂

Anon says: Actually… I might have a little… Don’t do those things I just said. 🙂

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