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Sunday, December 31, 2006


Flying Spaghetti Monster – The Game

Full Saddam Execution Video

Whether you spell is Sadam or Saddam, he’s still dead. [shrug] 🙂

(4.2meg Flash video)

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Treasure Chests

`We’ve been taught that in God we must trust,
And obeying each law is a must.
But this Miss Fit’s leery
Of the gravity theory
For to her Newton’s Law is a bust.’


The Great Minnesota Book Burning

`On January 27th, 2007 we will be holding a symbolic book burning in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. All known White Patriots are welcome to attend, and are encouraged to bring degenerate books suitable for throwing into the fire. We will be filming and recording this event for NSM Radio/TV, and possibly using some of the footage for an upcoming Music Video for the song Burn the Books by Achtung Juden (released on the NSM Record Label).

Come Join with us in this Historic Event, as we torch degenerate books such as the Talmud, and other anti-American and/or anti-White books.’


Police Pull Over Man Smoking Pot, Find $250K Worth

`A man was caught with a quarter million dollars’ worth of marijuana Thursday evening after he was caught allegedly smoking a joint when police pulled him over on a traffic stop.

Police saw a man run a stop sign in at Kenneth Avenue and George Street on the city’s Northwest Side around 6:30 p.m. Thursday.

Police said the man, Jeffrey Populorum, 46, was smoking a joint when they pulled his car over.

When officers looked some more, they found 92 pounds of marijuana in the car, amounting to $250,000 worth.

Populorum was charged with felony possession of cannabis.’


How Old Is The Grand Canyon? Park Service Won’t Say

`Grand Canyon National Park is not permitted to give an official estimate of the geologic age of its principal feature, due to pressure from Bush administration appointees. Despite promising a prompt review of its approval for a book claiming the Grand Canyon was created by Noah’s flood rather than by geologic forces, more than three years later no review has ever been done and the book remains on sale at the park, according to documents released today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).

In order to avoid offending religious fundamentalists, our National Park Service is under orders to suspend its belief in geology, stated PEER Executive Director Jeff Ruch. It is disconcerting that the official position of a national park as to the geologic age of the Grand Canyon is no comment.’

50 Things We Know Now (That We Didn’t Know This Time Last Year) 2006 Edition

`2. The part of the brain that regulates reasoning, impulse control and judgment is still under construction during puberty and doesn’t shift into autopilot until about age 25. [..]

6. Cheese consumption in the United States is expected to grow by 50 percent between now and 2013. [..]

8. The U.S. government has paid about $1.5 billion in benefits to thousands of sick nuclear-weapons workers since 2001. [..]

13. Ancient humans from Asia may have entered the Americas following an ocean highway made of dense kelp. [..]

50. Researchers from the University of Manchester managed to induce teeth growth in normal chickens – activating genes that have lain dormant for 80 million years.’


‘Lunatic’ daughter stabs ma with sword, cops say

`A berserk Bronx woman who received a samurai sword as a Christmas gift used the blade to attack her mother yesterday during a fight over cigarettes, police and relatives said.

Erica Torres, 22, repeatedly cut her mother, Sylvia Pantoja, with the sword at about 8 a.m. after the mom attempted to stop Torres and her sister from arguing over a pack of smokes, police and relatives said.

“She just went lunatic on everybody,” said Torres’ 14-year-old sister, Jasmin Cabrera. “She was up until 2 saying she was going to kill everybody. Then she took the sword and went wild.”‘

If you give a sword as a present to a lunatic then I s’pose you reap what you sow. [shrug] 🙂

Woman Sentenced To Prison For Raping A Sleeping Man

`In a ground-breaking case, a 24-year-old Norwegian woman has been sentenced to nine months in prison and fine after being convicted of forcing sex on a sleeping man. [..]

The incident took place on Jan. 4, 2004, at an apartment in Bergen, Norway. According to court documents, the man said he found the woman performing oral sex on him as he was sleeping on the couch.

The woman however said that she did indeed perform fellatio on the man but claimed he was awake and approved of what she was doing.

However the man disagrees and says that the incident scared him and subsequently caused mental anguish and psychological difficulties.’


Undark and the Radium Girls

`In 1922, a bank teller named Grace Fryer became concerned when her teeth began to loosen and fall out for no discernible reason. Her troubles were compounded when her jaw became swollen and inflamed, so she sought the assistance of a doctor in diagnosing the inexplicable symptoms. Using a primitive X-ray machine, the physician discovered serious bone decay, the likes of which he had never seen. Her jawbone was honeycombed with small holes, in a random pattern reminiscent of moth-eaten fabric.’

Vitamin D ‘can lower cancer risk’

`High doses of vitamin D can reduce the risk of developing some common cancers by as much as 50%, US scientists claim.

Researchers reviewed 63 old studies and found that the vitamin could reduce the chances of developing breast, ovarian and colon cancer, and others.

Experts said more research was needed to draw firm conclusions.’


‘Cold-blooded liar’ who cried rape twice must pay her victims £700,000

`A woman who falsely accused two men of rape while retaining her anonymity has been ordered to pay them nearly £700,000 in compensation, the Daily Mail can reveal.

The 48-year-old married mother of two is facing bankruptcy after a judge branded her a cold-blooded liar who ruined lives with a string of fabricated allegations.

In a landmark High Court ruling, the woman, who still cannot be named, was ordered to pay £615,711 damages to Raman Kumar, and a further £58,000 to Baldev Singh for “falsely and maliciously” accusing them of rape.


Dog of Saddam executed

`Shortly after the execution of the dictator Saddam Hussein, his dog Blondi followed the same fate to the gallows. Contrary to Saddam, Blondis execution was broadcast live in full length. Some minor complications arose, which dragged out the death struggle to unbearable lengths. Animal activist group PETA has filed a formal complaint to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry.’

The destruction of Mecca: Saudi hardliners are wiping out their own heritage

`Historic Mecca, the cradle of Islam, is being buried in an unprecedented onslaught by religious zealots.

Almost all of the rich and multi-layered history of the holy city is gone. The Washington-based Gulf Institute estimates that 95 per cent of millennium-old buildings have been demolished in the past two decades.

Now the actual birthplace of the Prophet Mohamed is facing the bulldozers, with the connivance of Saudi religious authorities whose hardline interpretation of Islam is compelling them to wipe out their own heritage.’

Woman charged with malicious castration

`A woman attacked a man in his genitals during a Christmas party, injuring him badly enough that he needed 50 stitches, authorities said Friday. Rebecca Arnold Dawson, 34, was charged with malicious castration in a fight early Tuesday at a party hosted by the 38-year-old man’s girlfriend, police said.

All three were heavily intoxicated, police Chief Frank Powers said.

Dawson is accused of grabbing the man’s genitals. Police said a weapon was not used. He declined to elaborate.

“I believe he needed more than 50 stitches to repair the damage, but he is back home at this point,” police Cpl. Brad Stevens said. “All we can tell you is that the injury was done with her hands.”‘


Nuclear power is ‘safer than sharks’

`Australians are more likely to be attacked by a shark or hit by lightning than die from a nuclear power plant disaster.

In releasing a report commissioned on the viability of nuclear power in Australia, Prime Minister John Howard said there were no sound reasons to not go nuclear.

The final report from the Uranium Mining, Processing and Nuclear Energy review board said the risk of implementing nuclear power is of an acceptably low level.’


Saturday, December 30, 2006


Drunk Breakdancer Knocks Himself Out

‘A great display of drunk break dancing in the kitchen usually ends badly. This guy thinks he can do a flip, he was wrong. Gonna have a major headache tomorrow.’

(4.6meg Windows media)

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Paris Hilton Toilet Paper

`This is one roll of Paris Hilton toilet paper. Her picture is printed all through roll and is shrink wrapped. This would be a great gag gift.’

The vaccine to prevent every strain of flu

`British scientists are on the verge of producing a revolutionary flu vaccine that works against all major types of the disease.

Described as the ‘holy grail’ of flu vaccines, it would protect against all strains of influenza A – the virus behind both bird flu and the nastiest outbreaks of winter flu.

Just a couple of injections could give long-lasting immunity – unlike the current vaccine which has to be given every year.’


Shuttle booster rocket free fall from space

This is footage from a camera mounted on one of the booster rockets. It’s actually pretty cool in a way. Especially some of the sounds. 🙂

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Students safe from tainted salad dressing

`Principal Jill Bullo assured parents in a letter last week that salad dressing contaminated by a Wheaton North High School student poses no health hazards.

“We are pleased to report that no follow-up medical attention is needed for any student who ingested Ranch salad dressing,” Bullo said in the letter mailed to parents Dec. 22.’

Followup to: Student Accused Of Putting Bodily Fluids In Food


Teen accidentally shoots self in face

`A teenager has been hospitalized with facial injuries caused when a bullet he found fired while held in a vice, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office reported Wednesday.

The victim, Alex Carman, 15, was taken to Bayfront Medical Center with injuries to the right upper cheek. [..]

Investigators say it “appears Alex placed the bullet in the vice, hammered a screw into the primer causing the bullet to explode.”‘

Saddam Execution Video

I don’t think this is the whole video.

Also, a second video with his body.

UPDATE: Full Saddam Execution Video

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Hassium-270 Is Long-Lived

`Radioactive nuclei that hang around for a mere half-minute before falling apart hardly seem stable. Yet compared with the fleeting lifetimes of their superheavy atomic neighbors, the roughly 30-second period that transpired from creation to disintegration of four atoms of a newly discovered isotope of element 108 qualifies those atoms as rock solid.’


Friday, December 29, 2006


Top 10 Naked People on Google Earth

`Youve all seen the original Google Sightseeing Topless Sunbather already, but did you know that the Hague is in fact completely overrun with naked and semi-naked Dutch men and women? Yes people, its time to get your magnifying glasses out, because here comes the Top 10 Naked People on Google Earth!’

Backwoods Celebrity Faces Long Prison Term for Incest

`Robert Hale, a Bible-toting father of 15 who calls himself Papa Pilgrim, became an anti-government celebrity in Alaska by driving a bulldozer across a national park that encircles his land.

The Lord told him that using the bulldozer to clear 14 miles of derelict road through the park was a loving thing to do, Hale said in an interview three years ago.

In 2003, Robert Hale, also known as Papa Pilgrim, invited reporters to his Alaska ranch to discuss his battle with the U.S. government over access to his land inside a national park.

“In order for me to love my children, I have to be a provider,” Hale said then, explaining that he needed the bulldozer to fetch supplies for his children, whom he and his wife were home-schooling in an ultra-strict Christian way.

He said his children read only the Bible, always bathed with their clothes on and were not allowed to see one another naked.’

Grip Tape Arse Drag

Grip tape is apparently the stuff you put on top of skateboards so your feet stick to to board. These guys lay out a few meters of it then some guy across it. Then pour some vinegar onto his bloody buttocks.

Fair enuf. [shrug] 🙂

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FDA Set to OK Food From Cloned Animals

`The government has decided that food from cloned animals is safe to eat and does not require special labeling. [..]

Consumer groups say labels are a must, because surveys have shown people to be uncomfortable with the idea of cloned livestock.

However, FDA concluded that cloned animals are “virtually indistinguishable” from conventional livestock and that no identification is needed to judge their safety for the food supply.’


Baseball Hitting Robot

This robot manages to hit baseballs, which is pretty cool.

I wonder how many misses they had to edit out of the video though. [shrug] 🙂

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Water wasters face shower ban

`Melbourne’s serial water wasters will not be able to shower under stage 3 restrictions.

Under a new three-strike rule, repeat offenders will have their water turned down to a trickle – just enough to dampen a washcloth.

A new year crackdown will give water police the power to go into homes and reduce water pressure.

Worst offenders will be slapped with indefinite bans.’